Welcome to 'That Silly Productions'!


I have been slowly building towards this business for years; with a wealth of experience in the children's parties, event and theatre world behind me I want to offer you the chance to celebrate your wedding, work leaving party, anniversary, or big birthday in a fun and creative way.

Most of what I offer has been up and running for a while and it needed a cosy website home for it all to live together - that's where Allie at www.ManagemyWebsite.co.uk has come in and taken all my ideas and coded them into something I had started (and quickly failed) to realise myself by tinkering around on a Squarespace template. Get yourself an Allie - they are worth every penny! Or learn to be an Allie - I haven't got the time at the moment as I'm building my Silly Empire...ooh maybe that is what I should have called this site! Ah well never-mind.

As I say, most is up and running but some of this is still being developed including that project I'm most excited about 'That Silly Whodunit'. We are launching interactive murder mystery and crime caper parties in the summer and the test runs I have been hosting so far with my wonderful students at Stagecoach Amersham have gone incredibly well.

I'm sure I will continue to tinker with the website over the next few weeks - I just read something about Biographies being much better in 1st person so I'm off to re-write now - but the main thing is THE WEBSITE IS DONE! I could have sat on this until summer when I have all aspects ready but then what about the Quizzes, up-coming 21st Century Vaudeville night in April, the Edinburgh show and all the other fabulous things we offer? Finished is Better than Perfect!!