The Edinburgh Festival!

We are here at the Festival having a brilliant time and performing That Silly Show. It has been brilliant meeting wonderful audience members and spreading a bit of silliness. We had a few issues with a venue change which we hope hasn't affected us too badly - for more information on what went on and how over 100 acts were affected click here.

We are, however determined to have a great time!


Thank You & the Future!

Thank you to all our wonderful acts and audience for the brilliant show we had last night at the Duke Street Theatre! 21st Century Vaudeville was one again a fantastic hit and we hope to return to the theatre in the summer.


Jim Daly and I are working hard on our Edinburgh Fringe Festival show 'That Silly Show'. We will be having work-in-progress and previews in London during the summer and more information on that soon! We have been making some vlogs with are on our 'That Silly Show' page and also on our YouTube Channel which you can find if you click here or on the icon at the bottom of each page.

Here I am quizzing Jim on theatrical terms in preparation of him becoming a thespian!