That Silly Pinterest

We are now on Pinterest! 


I am in the process of putting together Pinterest boards for costume and food ideas for all our That Silly Whodunit Murder Mystery parties and it is so much fun! I'm loving Pinterest, I've not used it much before and it's so useful for helping you lovely people find fab ideas, articles, 'how tos', shopping and videos to make your event go with a swing.

So far we have 6 different themes for our parties and I have made a food ideas board and a costume board for each one. Please check it out here: Pinterest

I have also started work on Spotify playlists for themed party background music - click the link at the bottom of each page on the website for access to our playlists if you have Spotify on your laptop/computer/tablet/phone. We love it because it's FREE!

We have Twitter and Facebook for each kind of event we offer but the website will only let me link up one so I will be making central ones soon as That Silly Productions - in the meantime please follow @ThatSillyQuiz @SillyWhodunit @thatsillyshow @21stCVaudeville and of course me at @MirandaDawe plus search for each Page/Group of Facebook, we are very easy to find!