Thank You & the Future!

Thank you to all our wonderful acts and audience for the brilliant show we had last night at the Duke Street Theatre! 21st Century Vaudeville was one again a fantastic hit and we hope to return to the theatre in the summer.


Jim Daly and I are working hard on our Edinburgh Fringe Festival show 'That Silly Show'. We will be having work-in-progress and previews in London during the summer and more information on that soon! We have been making some vlogs with are on our 'That Silly Show' page and also on our YouTube Channel which you can find if you click here or on the icon at the bottom of each page.

Here I am quizzing Jim on theatrical terms in preparation of him becoming a thespian! 

21st Century Vaudeville

Comedy, Music and Magic! 21st Century Vaudeville is coming to the Duke Street Theatre, High Wycombe THIS FRIDAY 10th April 2015 7pm.

Tickets £7 BUY TICKETS


MC Joz Norris     
Magic from Oliver Meech     
Musical Stand Up Comedy from Jim Daly   
Sketch comedy from The Jest        
Musical Theatre from Bethany Perry (Zombie Prom)
Musical Theatre from Claire Deards (Lucky Stiff)
Stand up from Miranda Dawe    

For more information on the acts visit our 21st Century Vaudeville page

For the theatre visir

Mail Chimp!

I would say I have mastered it but today I sent out my first newsletter!  Mail Chimp is a brilliant online programme to help design and create newsletters and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting help managing their 'list'.

I'd heard about it after listening to The Girls Mean Business Podcast and reading Leonie Dawson's blogs on running your business - I recommend you check these ladies out! 

My newsletter features information on our forthcoming 21st Century Vaudeville show at the Duke Street theatre plus our Edinburgh show and launch of the murder mystery company.

To view my newsletter creation click here

That Silly Pinterest

We are now on Pinterest! 


I am in the process of putting together Pinterest boards for costume and food ideas for all our That Silly Whodunit Murder Mystery parties and it is so much fun! I'm loving Pinterest, I've not used it much before and it's so useful for helping you lovely people find fab ideas, articles, 'how tos', shopping and videos to make your event go with a swing.

So far we have 6 different themes for our parties and I have made a food ideas board and a costume board for each one. Please check it out here: Pinterest

I have also started work on Spotify playlists for themed party background music - click the link at the bottom of each page on the website for access to our playlists if you have Spotify on your laptop/computer/tablet/phone. We love it because it's FREE!

We have Twitter and Facebook for each kind of event we offer but the website will only let me link up one so I will be making central ones soon as That Silly Productions - in the meantime please follow @ThatSillyQuiz @SillyWhodunit @thatsillyshow @21stCVaudeville and of course me at @MirandaDawe plus search for each Page/Group of Facebook, we are very easy to find!




21st Century Vaudeville plus Whodunit News!

We have less than a month to go until our next 21st Century Vaudeville and I am so excited to be producing it at the gorgeous new Duke Street Theatre in High Wycombe.

This theatre has been formed by a bunch of local professional creatives and almost everything in the building has been donated by other theatres - even the loo have been plumbed in for free by a local plumber! It just shows that people can be wonderful and will help if you just ask.

Once again the fabulous Joz Norris is our compère and acts include the magical Chicks N Tricks, sketch comedy from 'The Jest', musical theatre from two fabulous singers and stand up from Jim Daly and myself. Tickets can be bought here:

In other news That Silly Whodunit has a facebook page! Please Like and Share!

21st century vaudeville logo

Dangerfield Designs Whodunits!

My friend James has the best surname - particularly for dangerous designs for murder mysteries! James Dangerfield designed my 21st Century Vaudeville posters/logo etc and now he has come up trumps with 'That Silly Whodunit' (Whodunnit/Whodunit - apparently it can be spelt both ways and has been the bane of my past few weeks!!)

He hand-draws most of his logos and designs and is a very clever chap indeed you will agree! James is also an excellent actor/singer AND housemate as I found out when we trained together at GSA! Check out his excellent snarl on the homepage on his website:

Follow James on Twitter @jddangerfield