Mystery Dinner Night at the Bell pub, Chartridge on Saturday 14th May 2016


Trip Advisor review from our previous night at the Bell at Halloween 2015:

“DEAD IN CHEALSEA Murder Mystery delight”

Approx 30 people were seated at intimate tables each with character and synopsis, notebook and pen ready for an entertaining evening - Our food order was taken and the fun began, Our host did the introductions and gave some information for us to think about then our starters arrived which were really tasty, then more intrigue and interaction. It was a limited menu I guess due to the number of people eating at the same time but really good all the same, main eaten the murderous story continued, each table had input from their character and a lot of dum dum dum dums were said...... we learnt who dun it whilst enjoying puddings (there had been a mishap with the freezers which meant frozen desserts were not available, but not a big problem for us diners) all in all a good evening with good food would definitely go again and would recommend.

You are invited to the luxury Chelsea penthouse apartment of Lady Woolsey, family and friends gather to celebrate the engagement of Lady Woolsey’s daughter, the Hon. Annabel Woolsey, to American billionaire, Rex Kingsley. Some of the guests are assembled when Rex is found dead in the gym in the basement. He’s been clubbed to death with a small lady’s dumbbell. Whodunit? Could it be you?

For more information on the characters and costume ideas please click here.

When?                               Saturday 14th May 2016. We will start promptly at 7:30pm so please                                                   arrive at 7pm to order your food options and get your drinks in!

Where?                             The Bell, Chartridge Village HP5 2TF

Cost?                                    £18 for 2 Courses and £22 for 3 Courses. 

                                                Ring Elvire at the pub on 01494 782 878 for bookings & menu information                                                           (please state any dietary requirements).

Is it child friendly?       Although the night is not aimed at children, over 11s/teens would enjoy                                               being part of your team should you wish to bring your family.

What time will it end?   The night will finish approximately at 10:15pm.

Fancy Dress?                    Dress to Impress (optional)

How does the night work?     

Every table works as a team and will be assigned a character for the night (a team can be as small as two people and if you come in a large group you may be assigned two or three characters). You do not have to dress up as this specific character as they will not be given to you until the night. 

The tale unfolds around a three course meal with more information being revealed in-between each course. Everyone will be given a detective notepad and pen to take notes and try to figure out 'whodunit?!'

Each section is lead by the detective with each character (team) reading a small section of script from their table - you can either assign a spokesperson for the night or take it in turns. All the information is given to you so you don't have to improvise.

Every character has a motive and not even the murderer will know it is them until the very end so you all can play along and work out 'whodunit?!'