• Cinderella – The hostess with the mostess – a party girl who loves to throw balls and enjoy herself. She's not a mean girl really...


  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) A princess with a habit to fall asleep A LOT. Aurora’s diary has been stolen during a ball at Cinderella’s castle and it is time to find out who is truly her friend.


  • Goldilocks – a pretty little girl with a history of breaking and entering and of theft…but usually only of breakfasts. Goldilocks has snuck in to the party as she is fed up of not being invited to balls and can’t wait to grow up.


  • Snow White – A wonderful singer, Snow White is there to perform as part of the entertainment at the ball. A Diva? Moi?!


  • Little Red Riding Hood – A very tough young lady. She kills wolves if she has to, why would she even care about a diary, let alone attend a ball?


  • Rapunzel – Rapunzel runs a hair salon in the kingdom and hears everyone’s secrets. She knows more about the party girls than they know about themselves…


  • Tinkerbelle – Works at Rapunzel’s salon specialising in fairy beauty and the biggest gossip in the whole of the Enchanted Forest. Harmless enough…well fairy harmless…


  • Belle (Beauty) – Belle is incredibly intelligent and bookish so why would she bother taking the diary? She runs the local book group and is friends with everyone – or is she?

Leave behind the little girl parties and meet some 21st century princesses with attitude! You are invited to Cinderella's ball where Aurora's diary has been STOLEN! Dress up as a fabulous fairytale character and help the Fairy Godmother discover 'Whodunit?!' Looking for parties for older kids? click here

A tea time caper for 9 -10 year olds - Guest numbers: 8 - 25 players (groups of larger than 8 double up on characters and work as detective teams.)*

Game Length: 2 Hours around a 2 course afternoon tea (provided by you)

*Parties with up to ten players have the added bonus of glitter tattoos and nail varnish for a girl's night in feel. Larger parties (often in halls) have fun drama games in amongst the investigation.

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Thank you so much for the fabulous Birthday Party “Who done it?” for my 9 years old daughter! The Party was amazing and we all enjoyed it very much.
There were plenty of giggles, laughter, mystery investigations and fun....All children were engaged and very enthusiastic, played their characters really well...We hope to see you again and definitely highly recommend you to others
— Irina Gainullina Jan 2016

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