That Silly Show


That Silly Show is going to be on your radio/computer/smart phone

Friday 19th February 10am - 1pm

If you happen to live in Chesham and surrounding areas we are on your radio: Chiltern Voice 87.9FM OR find us online or download the 'Tune In' app and search for 'Chiltern Voice'. We will play some of our songs, quiz and we even have some brilliant kids coming into the studio to tell us some jokes!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Jim and Miranda have had a fun summer in Edinburgh!

"@thatsillyshow does exactly what it says on the tin: very silly, very,very funny, and some belting songs. See it in London if you can." Kevin Day, comedian & writer/Match of the Day 2
"@thatsillyshow is a bloody lovely hour of parody songs and lighthearted mischief!" Simon Caine, comedian

We are available to come to your venue for an hour of fast jokes, silly songs and all round good old fashioned entertainment, with an added quiz element. We give away a prize every single show to one lucky audience member as well as bringing their brand of friendly silliness to your venue.

Watch a vegetarian (w)rap, Jessie J's audition for Dr Who plus an ode to a Jager-bomb.

WARNING: Fans of 'Frozen' should Let it Go...


Miranda is wonderfully bubbly, joyous and a pleasure to work with. Audiences at What The Frock! lapped up her wide-eyed jokes with delight.
— Jane from 'What the Frock!' Comedy Nights
A man who revels in one-liners and geeky rapping so much that you just can’t help but revel with him.
— Bec Hill

Jim and Miranda test each other on famous Irish songs.

Jim and Miranda test each other on famous names and nicknames. 

This week Jim Interviews Miranda - it's like Parkinson interviewing Rod Hull and Emu. 

Jim and Miranda both recently turned 30 but who has done the most 'things to do before you're 30'? We find out! Subscribe here. Watch episode1 here. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook

Who knows more about the other person? Jim & Miranda put their knowledge of each other to the test. 

Jim Daly and Miranda Dawe quiz each other using their best impressions of movie scenes - who will win?!

We are looking for Edinburgh or online businesses to gift us small (or large) prizes for the quiz section of the show at the Festival this summer!

We are performing our show around London during June, July and August & we are looking for businesses to gift us prizes for our quiz!

We're coming to London!

Miranda and Jim play Heads Up!


Tweet us if you enjoyed the show @thatsillyshow or find us on Facebook.

Our online 'That Silly Show' is YouTube and all the videos of episodes are below.

Pictures all by the amazing Seb Daly ©

We made it to the Edinburgh Festival! And these are our favourite shows so far! 

We're loving performing at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 but we've also seen lots of shows. Here are our faves! 

Miranda is confident, charismatic, dramatic and more than a little funny.
— Comedy Club 101
Jim is really funny!
— Hal Cruttenden

Who knows more about the other's favourite thing? Jim or Miranda? We find out as Miranda tests Jim on musicals and Jim tests Miranda on football.

Miranda and Jim read news headlines to each other; some are real, some are totally made up! 

Miranda and Jim test each other on phobias. Do you have any? 

Jim and Miranda play Mr and Mrs! 

Jim and Miranda test each other on song lyrics in honour of Glastonbury 2015. 

We've moved venue!!!

How much does Miranda know about Camden prior to our first work-in-progress there?

Miranda interviews Jim. Newsnight it ain't! 

Jim Daly and Miranda Dawe quiz each other on the slang of their favourite topics: Football and RuPaul's Drag Race. 

Who knows more about their favourite TV show? It's Miranda vs Jim; Neighbours vs Scrubs.

This summer Jim Daly are taking our stand up show to Edinburgh and so he's here to be quizzed!

Are you fed up with Frozen? You should just Let it Go. This goes out to every stressed mother and dejected children's entertainer. Throw off the blonde wig and sing with me!