The characters listed below have some flexibility on gender although cross-dressing can be part of the fun and drama of the night! 

  • Lady Camilla Percy: Wife of Lord Percy and mistress of stately Upton Abbey, a very posh lady.
  • Lord Peregrine Percy: Owner of stately Upton Abbey, a very posh gentleman, his wife's pearls have been stolen!
  • Lady Lavinia: Daughter of Lord Percy. 21 today, a very fashionable young débutante.
  • Lady Lettuce: Second daughter of Lord Percy, not yet 20, a bit of a practical joker and rather jolly hockey sticks and fun loving.
  • Lady Lucy: Youngest daughter of Lord Percy, not yet 20, a fashionable young lady.
  • The Right Hon Arthur Pennyworth: a young gentleman about town.
  • The Right Hon Roland Rollings: a young gentleman about town.
  • Alfred: the new Butler at Upton Abbey, both smart and efficient.
  • Ethel Scrubbalot: is the young maid of all work at Upton Abbey, either wears a black dress and apron, or might be dressed up for her night out at the pictures.
  • Bob Driver: is the smart young chauffeur at Upton Abbey, might wear a chauffeur’s uniform, or may have changed into something more casual as now off duty.
  • Mrs Pugh: is the reliable housekeeper at Upton Abbey, wears a smart dark dress and probably has a set of keys as her waist.
  • Francine Dubois: Francine a stylish lady’s maid to Lavinia, French.
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The Upton Abbey Scandal

Who Pilfered Lady Percy's Priceless Pearls?!

You are cordially invited to Upton Abbey, country seat of Lord and Lady Percy, to celebrate the coming of age of their eldest daughter, Lady Lavinia, who will tonight be wearing her mother’s pearl necklace. But - shock! Horror! Someone has pilfered Lady Percy’s priceless pearls!  Whodunit? Could it be you?

Teen version (11yrs and up) and Adult version available - Guest numbers: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 players

Game Length: 2 1/2 Hours around a 3 course meal (provided by you)

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